Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Blame the Dissertation

Yes, yes, I know. I've been gone a lot lately. Absent from these pages in much the same way the sun is often seemingly absent from the winter sky.

I blame the dissertation. It's a lot of work.

Well worth doing. And most days I still really get into the topic.

But it's a lot of work.

The kind that will probably keep me from regularly updating this blog much for a couple more months yet, at least.

On the up side, I'm glad to hear that they'll be discussing my "Cooking Chicken Wat" essay in The Spirit of Food (see a couple posts back for the link) over at the book study group at Tomorrow. So go check it out.

Or if you're coming from there, welcome. I will start posting here again at some point in the next few months, I promise. And in the meantime would love to respond to comments.

Maybe if you comment enough I might even start posting again sooner.

Correction 1/24/11: Fixed the link (oops!).