Friday, August 29, 2008

Writing Advice from Steve Martin

Ah, words of wisdom from one of the masters:
Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol. Sure a writer can get stuck for a while, but when that happens to real authors, they simply go out and get an "as told to." The alternative is to hire yourself as an "as heard from," thus taking all the credit. It is also much easier to write when you have someone to "bounce" with. This is someone to sit in a room with and exchange ideas. It is good if the last name of the person you choose to bounce with is Salinger. I know a certain early-twentieth-century French writer, whose initials were M.P., who could have used a good bounce person. If he had, his title might have been the more correct "Remembering Past Things" instead of the clumsy one he used.
--Steve Martin, Pure Drivel, p. 7-8

I'm particularly thinking here of Ril and the others at TextFIGHT starting the 3 day novel contest tomorrow. Just, well, track down Salinger and you'll be okay.


rilla said...

Salinger you say. I hear he's a real gadabout and is easy to track down. I'm attempting to simulate the "bounce" experience by reading at the moment. It's actually pretty helpful.

RyanStates said...

But..but...but...I AM Salinger.

What do I do?


Deborah Leiter said...

Ril: Hope the reading's been continuing to help. You're going to rock!

ryanstates: Sorry, dude. Don't know what to do for you. I'm sure with hard work and determination you'll somehow make it through, though. :)