Monday, March 16, 2009

Impatience Rears Its Ugly Head...

Okay, so I was doing quite well about waiting for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest until about 9:30 tonight, when I got home from a lovely dinner with friends. Since the quarterfinalists were supposed to be announced sometime today, I've been doing well--before that I actually only checked my email 3 or 4 times today, which is actually significantly lower than my usual email-checking volume.

Since 9:30 or so, though, my "refresh"ing of my email and the ABNA homepage has been rather insistent. I, like the other entrants hanging out over at the discussion boards, am feeling impatient for the results to be announced, already.

But it's a bit of a working vacation, so I have another stack of grading to plow through tomorrow so later in the week, between other social engagements, I can work on my taxes and write that conference paper I'm presenting in May. I should stop being so impatient and just go to sleep now. Okay, off to do that.

Amazing what semester-lag (like jet-lag, but different) will do for providing sanity to the weary. :)

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