Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 28: More Fruits of NaWriMo

Arghhh! (envision Charlie Brown with those little quivery lines around his open mouth).

Okay, I feel better now. That was a short moment to express how much I have to do very quickly now that I'm back from Thanksgiving break and have only 17 days to finish all those term papers that are mostly still simmering in my head, sad to say (which is not to say that I didn't do research for them over the weekend). But before I get to it, I wanted to share that moment with you, as well as to tell you briefly that the writing lifecycle does indeed seem to go on--that is, writing projects seem to beget more writing projects.

Which is all a roundabout way of announcing that two of my academic submissions from the early days of my NaWriMo experiment have already bourne fruit. An abstract I wrote for a conference paper was accepted (meaning that I get to write another paper by May), and another project I was co-authoring was accepted as a book chapter through a proposal, which means we get to mess with our quite rough draft and try to make it good by February.

First, though, I have to write these papers, and finish another report, and work on a poster, and finish up some plans for a final workshop for one of the classes. So, a quick celebration of the birth of these writing tasks, a quick urgh on the amount of care and feeding they're likely to need. But for now, I must drop them off at mental daycare because I've been called in to attend to the millions of other tasks that need birthing, care and feeding right now.


rilla said...

Just wanted to say congrats on the acceptances. I know it means more work, but hopefully it will be rewarding.

Deborah Leiter said...

Thanks rilla. I am excited about it, really, just sort of in that "sheesh, not much time to rest on my laurels because of all these other term papers I have to write and boy am I going to be tired when that's over" state. :)

I am, however, glad that people in the academic world seem to think I have something to say--it's encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous.


Deborah Leiter said...

Em, thanks?!? Seriously, I'm sure you'll be getting one of those any day now...