Friday, February 6, 2009

Creative Genre Hybrids, Web 2.0 Variety

I love it when people figure out how to hybridize the creative with what's usually considered to be perfunctory genres. To take something that could be ho-hum and create something zippy out of it that I actually have fun reading.

The product descriptions at (where they sell mostly one product per day and give you a good deal on it) are worth keeping an eye on.

Check them out. Beyond helping us as writers think more creatively about genre hybridization, they're often amusing and rarely take themselves seriously, something which is incredibly refreshing anywhere, but especially in the world of retail.

Oh, and check out the discussions over there on the products as well--the site has an incredibly dedicated community that's highly prolific in their commenting on the products, and so it can be quite entertaining to read the discussions.

(Plus there are good deals over there--I got an amazing deal on an expensive vacuum awhile back.)

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