Friday, January 16, 2009

ICA Kumquats Aplenty: 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad...

So I heard back on the International Communication Association (ICA) submissions today that I worked so hard on back at the beginning of my NaWriMo experiment. I had submitted 2 full papers for the conference itself and an abstract for one of the pre-conferences, and had already heard good news on the pre-conference abstract.

So today I heard on the 2 full-length papers to be given during the conference itself. One accepted, one declined. Which is a good track record, especially since we had already submitted something marginally similar to the one that was declined as a book chapter proposal (and the proposal was accepted, which means that our writing of the paper was not at all in vain).

Even better, the full-length paper that was accepted for ICA was actually an early one laying the ground for my dissertation, which is very encouraging to me. Someone outside of my mom and my advisor thinks what I'm studying and writing about is timely and at least somewhat worthwhile. Woohoo!

Now just to figure out how to get these kinds of percentages on my creative writing submissions...but that's likely a job for the summer.

In other news, a full week of classes are done. I think it's going to be a good semester, though busy, what with teaching and research and coursework. Especially since just one of my courses has 150 pages' worth of reading for next week. Hm, I should buy that book tomorrow and dig right in...

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