Monday, January 19, 2009

Upon Emerging from One's Cave (1)

Okay, sorry about the title, but I just finished re-reading Plato's cave story for my Rhetoric, Poetics, and Narrative class. I have many issues with the analogy, but I'll spare you the details and move straight on to my main point.

Which is that I'm noticing in retrospect that it was a much rougher semester last semester than I thought it was. I won't get into why that was, but it seems to me that, indeed, the Old Me is back.

I can tell this how? Well, for one, my energy levels are back. I think my many beach walks over the break helped this, as did a spate of eating better. Plus a few weeks of doing very little (other than the daily walk) has made me excited to turn off the TV and get to work. And I'm excited to keep up the exercise routine and the better eating as well, now that I've got a significant start on it. I even want to get up in the morning, most mornings, which is odd for me.

And along with the energy levels, my reader's block is gone gone gone. Sure, Barthes is a little slow reading, but my time management and motivational parts of myself, who seem to have been on vacation in some distant planet for awhile now, found me on the beach and seem to have come back with me. I'm even motivated to do non-school-related errands and housework and such.

This is good, because this is laying the groundwork for some good writin' time. I can feel it. (That's good as there are some conference deadlines speeding my way in less than a month.)

Woohoo! The semester is fresh and the energy is, too.

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